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Blue Labour, Red Tory, Big Society

‘Does my society look big in this?’ proffers one oh-so-witty t-shirt. Listen to phone-ins and a common retort to anyone supporting government cuts, or is that supposed to be ‘efficiencies’, revolves around how exactly they fit into the idea of the ‘Big Society’. Click here to keep reading

Chris Huhne – A Risk Assessment

Chris Huhne has been called many things recently, some supportive and some not so supportive, but what do we really know about this controversial figure? The Rt. Hon Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne has a position of authority which many are saying he is undeserving of. Originally active for the Labour Party, then challenging for Liberal Democrat leadership and now in a coalition with the Conservatives; his reputation could tarnish that of many others, so it is not suprising commentators across the spectrum are questioning his place in the Coalition Cabinet.

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Welcome to Politics Matters – From Whitehall to Townhall

Welcome to Politics Matters – The Online Political Magazine.The idea for Politics Matters grew out of a smaller politics-based blog previously edited by the current editor of Politics Matters, Richard Cressey. Politics Matters has three primary aims:

1. To create a virtual community dedicated to communicating and analysing political developments in the UK and further afield.

2. To provide high quality analysis and scrutiny of political developments in the UK, from Whitehall to Townhall.

3. To widen participation and engagement in politics.

These three aims provide the broad ethos behind Politics Matters and all work undertaken in the name of Politics Matters will relate directly to one of these three aims.

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