Welcome to Politics Matters – From Whitehall to Townhall

Welcome to Politics Matters – The Online Political Magazine.The idea for Politics Matters grew out of a smaller politics-based blog previously edited by the current editor of Politics Matters, Richard Cressey. Politics Matters has three primary aims:

1. To create a virtual community dedicated to communicating and analysing political developments in the UK and further afield.

2. To provide high quality analysis and scrutiny of political developments in the UK, from Whitehall to Townhall.

3. To widen participation and engagement in politics.

These three aims provide the broad ethos behind Politics Matters and all work undertaken in the name of Politics Matters will relate directly to one of these three aims.

Contributors are subject to a 5 article probationary period after which articles can be uploaded directly to the site subject to responsibilities rules. As such content uploaded and opinions expressed are the responsibility of individual contributors and the editor does not accept responsibility for inappropriate content uploaded by others.

Politics Matters is not politically affiliated and the expression of a wide variety of political views is encouraged.



About richardcressey

Sheffield University graduate, working in local government, obsessed with cricket, politics and surfing the internet for interesting stories, informed opinion and funny cat videos.

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  1. Catriona Dunn

    Hello Mark: Well done. But Old Mother Hubbard is not only good at the 11 times table, but also at correcting English, so here goes. In the paragraph under “Rabbie Burns wasn’t a nationalist!”, line 4: ‘it’s’ should be ‘its’ – no apostrophe. Then ‘Aims’ item 2: line 2 – no capital or hyphen in town hall. No, I wasn’t a teacher, just a pedant who used to edit a magazine..
    Kind regards, C.Dunn

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