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From the Man Who Sues God to the Company Who Sues Government

Whilst the government being sued is certainly not a new phenomenon, this newest case is a whole new challenge for the Coalition government. Immigration has always been seen as at the heart of the Conservative ideologies and manifestos over many years so it is to be expected that deadlines must be strictly adhered to and companies will be replaced for not meeting their targets. Raytheon was responsible for the e-border immigration system and was commissioned by the last Labour government. It is a £750m system designed to collate all existing and future information on one single database in regards to passengers leaving and entering Britain. The target for this is 2014 but there were many intermittent deadlines which had to be met, among which were those in 2009 that were apparently not met adequately.

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Labour plot to expose the myth of ‘compassionate conservatism’

The Labour party have got a plan. As plans go, it might lack the cunningness of one devised by Blackadder, but yet it may find success in its sheer simplicity. As revealed by the Observer last Sunday, the Labour party wants to hammer home the message that David Cameron’s ‘compassionate conservatism’ is very much a con and he is in fact every bit the traditional Tory Prime Minister. Read the rest of this entry

Will the French austerity plan be enough?

Talk about the eurozone sovereign debt crisis seemed to have all but stopped once the Libyan affair has gathered pace once more. I suppose this is unsurprising given that this is an oil-producing country and so the jittery Gnomes of Zürich have now got something new to focus on as they crunch numbers. That was until yesterday when the French unveiled their long-awaited package of austerity measures (well I suppose it might have seemed like a long time for Monsieur Sarkozy). Perhaps it is cynical to believe that the catalyst for this was the fiercely denied speculation that the French were to follow in the footsteps of the USA and Japan in having their credit rating reduced. Even if it wasn’t true, it is not outside the realm of possibility considering that, according the Financial Times, the level of French sovereign debt was only just beaten by the Americans. Read the rest of this entry

Is It Really All Over For Gaddafi?

It is evident that Libya has taken over most headlines as rebel fighters are said to have gained control of Tripoli’s streets over the weekend. However, as Barack Obama declares the regime “over” and David Cameron claims it is in “full retreat,” it is important to ask the question “but…is this really over?” Although control has arguably been portrayed to have swung in the rebels’ direction, the battle for Tripoli, and therefore Libya, is certainly far from over as loyalists prepare to fight to the bloody end. cLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

The country is in crisis, so why have the Lib Dems gone quiet?

“Cleggmania sweeps Britain, Liberal Democrats surge in polls.” Headlines of this sort became commonplace during the general election campaign last year, and in May, Nick Clegg’s Party became the effective power brokers as the electorate returned a hung parliament.  We all remember the scenes of David and Nick’s playful banter in the gardens of number 10 Downing Street as they announced the formation of the first Lib Dem – Con coalition in British history, a surprisingly easy consensus that gradually gave way to vicious debates over AV and the NHS. Click here to keep reading

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