Bad News for the Syrian Government: Violence Will Only Lead to Isolation

The decision of the Arab League to Suspend Syria in mid-November led to a somewhat predictable show of violence, with raging groups of protestors storming embassies and missions “responsible” for this suspension. Diplomats and representatives of the states that voted for Syria’s suspension are facing life-threatening situations and some have had return to their countries. The violence is to be expected as Syria, being not only a member of the Arab League, but a founding one, is now facing imminent suspension on Wednesday. There is one major issue that hides in the shadow of this violence and flees of diplomats, the repercussions to the future. The suspension of Syria from the Arab league and its resulting violence are not merely leading to diplomats leaving the country. The underlying problem is evident with the repercussions that this issue will have on the relations between the states represented by these fleeing diplomats and Syria. Syria is now not only losing its membership to the Arab League that it so proudly founded, but the violence resulting from the suspension is a threat to the relations with other states. The US already withdrew its ambassador last month, while countries such as Turkey and Saudi-Arabia have started withdrawing most of their diplomats. The question is what comes next? What will happen to Syria? My fear is isolation as a result of uncontrollable violence towards diplomacy is inevitable.

It has now been almost a month and Syria is mentioned every day if not minute. It has been unavoidable to notice the turmoil brought by the events of November. Now, more than ever, Syria is being watched by Western countries with an eye that unfortunately lacks trust. It was only a few days ago the United States starting keeping Syria’s chemical arms progress under watch, as now they even fear a possible attack. History has shown that once a country starts being watched due to such fear, or politics of fear to be more specific, they directly become part of ‘the black list’. Looking at it realistically, the consequences of being black-listed will be innumerable. Starting from taxation watch to lowered travel rights, Syria will grow defensive and paranoid of their neighbours and the world. It is only a matter of time until this country becomes fully isolated and loses its diplomatic ties with the west and the rest of the world.

It took less than 30 days for such drastic changes to occur, but it is not over yet. Syria has now grown weary not only of other countries but its own people too. A few days ago a free blogger was arrested for expressing her discontent. Following this issue, Syria banned the use of iPhones and iPads in order to silence its citizens from expressing journalistic opinions over the situation. It is somewhat a scary thought to see that a country could do this in the 21-st century, who knows what else will happen; all that can be seen right now is fear, lack of trust, and paranoia. Will this be the end of Syria’s diplomatic relations? It is all up to the future to tell us.


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