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Politics Matters Meet – This Friday

A reminder to all those planner on attending the Politics Matters meet-up this Friday at the Prince of Wales Feather Pub near Warren Street station. We have an area booked from 6pm but I plan on being there from 5.15 if anyone wants to join us early.



Workfare programmes; slave labour or a helping hand into the job market?

The government’s work experience schemes which are designed to help people stop their reliance on benefits and get back into the job market have been highly criticised recently and have been likened to modern day slave labour.  Critics have blasted them for forcing people to work for big corporations such as Tesco for free.

One source of confusion when debating whether or not these schemes are worthwhile and morally right is the fact that there is more than one scheme.  There are a number of different schemes; each tailored to a different group of people and some are mandatory, some are not.

To fully understand the workfare programme, one must be able to clearly see the facts regarding each scheme. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY

With apologies to Lord Carey

Recently a debate has been sparked about the nature of marriage in Britain, and whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to marry. The obvious answer is a resounding Yes, but as I’m paid to write articles (OK, I’m not) I shall expand upon the issue. Read the rest of this entry

NHS reform: oh let’s go back to the start

Rather foolishly arriving for the Government’s NHS summit through the front-door, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was on Monday comically accosted by a heckler that sent political geeks of all colours into a fit of ‘The Thick of It’ hysterics. Hilarity aside, the proposed NHS reforms have reached a critical point, and this is far from a laughing matter.

The Government may have sparked controversy by apparently neglecting to invite to the summit those who were well-known critics of the bill, but it appears the groups that were invited to Downing Street nonetheless ensured wide held concerns were raised. Despite the discomfort such, admittedly polite, disagreements may have caused some, the Prime Minister seems unfazed. Leading the charge for the Coalition’s new rhetoric, Cameron said “I support Andrew Lansley and I support the reforms”, argued there “are a few myths we need to bust” and claimed “reform is never easy”. He was followed in a similar vein by senior colleagues on Tuesday morning, and it is clear that at last the Government has a coherent and aggressive strategy to counter the criticism they are facing. Read the rest of this entry

Introducing PolitixNet

Visit our new sister site PolitixNet. (Soon to be) the world’s #1 site for political social networking, enables you to create groups, share photos and videos, post events and blog posts, make contacts and interact with YOUR political community.

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