Politics Matters Meet – This Friday

A reminder to all those planner on attending the Politics Matters meet-up this Friday at the Prince of Wales Feather Pub near Warren Street station. We have an area booked from 6pm but I plan on being there from 5.15 if anyone wants to join us early.





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  1. Hi Erica!Since you’re not on Facebook and the like, you probably aren’t geitntg the other side either. provides an excellent summary of “the other side” of the issue. In addition, Invisible Children is not registered with the like most charities similar to it (OXFAM, Africare, to name a couple offhand). This means that no one can actually know where their donated money is going. I think its incredible and inspiring that someone was able to raise so much awareness about this in such a short time, but in reality, both national and international agents have been trying to find Kony for years. However, if this campaign raises awareness about the systemic and deep-rooted issues in Africa, then it’s probably worth it. I just really hope that’s what it’s doing!P.S. I was at an “Inspiring Leadership Forum” (it was about women, but “women” wasn’t in the title) today and I thought of you 🙂 You would have enjoyed it, and coincidentally the founder of War Child (North American chapter) was one of the speakers and talked about Congo, Uganda, etc. without knowledge of the Kony campaign! It was incredible to hear her stories, but I’m rambling now. Hope all is well with you!

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