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The Opening Ceremony Plans: a True Portrayal of English Reality?

Today the plans for the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 were revealed and the result has been truly shocking. A country lass myself, having lived in Somerset and Devon my entire life, I recognise the ‘meadows’ that are being portrayed. The greenery seems endless when travelling through these counties but should this really be what we are portraying as quintessentially British?

I was among the many who were excited at the thought of Danny Boyle being Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony; ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’ are among my favourite films and I had visions of truth, reality and something completely unforgettable but this was not what I anticipated.

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God Save the Queen but what is Patrotism?

This weekend the country is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in all manner of ways: the river pageant, street parties, at Epsom Saturday or at home in their own community with their family and friends but is all this patriotic? Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William last year began the monarchists’ celebrations and now Olympic fever is in the air for the first time since 1948. Is all this coincidental timing or are we being taught a lesson in patriotism? Click here to keep reading

Pasties, Caravans, Buzzards and Charitable Donations: A Week of Unfortunate U-Turns

This year the word ‘budget’ struck fear into the hearts of members of the Conservative Party because of the increases they believe are necessary but foresaw the rest of the country resenting. For Conservatives, this week has been one of persistent confusion, ever since the 2012 budget people here have been discussing pasties and static caravans extensively (being from the West Country where tourism is a lifeline) and Mr Osborne’s announcements last week were gratefully received, but should we be concerned about the amount of U-turns the Conservative Party are having to make?

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