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Will merely moving ‘forward’ be enough for the American people?

With just over three weeks to go, we’ve got ourselves a ball game. President Obama’s bizarrely listless performance in last week’s debate has served as the fillip the Romney campaign sorely needed, and has led polls to indicate a Presidential race that is now too close to call. Vice President Joe Biden came out fighting in Thursday’s debate with Republican rival Paul Ryan, but while that may rouse the troops once more it is unlikely to change the face of an increasingly close election. Read the rest of this entry

Living wage, not minimum wage

The UK national minimum wage is keeping thousands of UK workers living in poverty and not letting them meet their most basic needs.

As of 1st October 2012 the national minimum wage rose by 1.9% to £6.19 which does not keep in line with the rise of inflation (2.5%, August 2012), so workers on the lowest pay are actually even worse off than they were last year. Someone who works 35 hours a week on the new minimum wage is still only earning £216.65 before tax. Read the rest of this entry

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