Living wage, not minimum wage

The UK national minimum wage is keeping thousands of UK workers living in poverty and not letting them meet their most basic needs.

As of 1st October 2012 the national minimum wage rose by 1.9% to £6.19 which does not keep in line with the rise of inflation (2.5%, August 2012), so workers on the lowest pay are actually even worse off than they were last year. Someone who works 35 hours a week on the new minimum wage is still only earning £216.65 before tax. Read the rest of this entry

Why its unlikely it will ever be Mitt Romney’s job to “worry about those people”

Mitt Romney: D’oh.

Yesterday saw the release of a video from a behind-closed-doors Romney speech to wealthy campaign donors. In it, the Republican nominee for President of the United States explains his belief that 47% of Americans “believe that they are victims” and claims “my job is not to worry about those people”. Dismissing half the population may seem an unconventional electoral strategy, but in truth it is in keeping with what has been a disastrous period for a beleaguered campaign.

With any hopes of a post-convention bounce lost amidst the bizarre nature of Clint Eastwood’s ‘speech’ and the more impressive Democratic gathering, Romney’s campaign is beginning to resemble a squandered opportunity for Republicans. The economy continues to struggle, many Democrats are disillusioned with the last 4 years, independent voters are receptive to an alternative and President Obama no longer seems able to inspire the masses as he did in 2008. Yet, amidst the recent in-fighting, weak polling and struggle to re-launch the campaign, any message that may have resonated with vital swing voters seems to have been lost. Read the rest of this entry

Coalition is likely to split before the next general election – According to senior Tory MP

The Liberal Democrats and Conservative coalition government has had many difficulties to overcome since the 2010 General Election. The cracks are starting to show and a number of people, both in and outside of Westminster, have predicted that it will break down before the 2015 General Election.

Graham Brady, senior Tory MP and Chairman of the Conservative Backbench 1922 Committee has become the latest person to doubt the life expectancy of the coalition. Read the rest of this entry

The Opening Ceremony Plans: a True Portrayal of English Reality?

Today the plans for the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 were revealed and the result has been truly shocking. A country lass myself, having lived in Somerset and Devon my entire life, I recognise the ‘meadows’ that are being portrayed. The greenery seems endless when travelling through these counties but should this really be what we are portraying as quintessentially British?

I was among the many who were excited at the thought of Danny Boyle being Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony; ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’ are among my favourite films and I had visions of truth, reality and something completely unforgettable but this was not what I anticipated.

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God Save the Queen but what is Patrotism?

This weekend the country is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in all manner of ways: the river pageant, street parties, at Epsom Saturday or at home in their own community with their family and friends but is all this patriotic? Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William last year began the monarchists’ celebrations and now Olympic fever is in the air for the first time since 1948. Is all this coincidental timing or are we being taught a lesson in patriotism? Click here to keep reading

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