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Coalition is likely to split before the next general election – According to senior Tory MP

The Liberal Democrats and Conservative coalition government has had many difficulties to overcome since the 2010 General Election. The cracks are starting to show and a number of people, both in and outside of Westminster, have predicted that it will break down before the 2015 General Election.

Graham Brady, senior Tory MP and Chairman of the Conservative Backbench 1922 Committee has become the latest person to doubt the life expectancy of the coalition. Read the rest of this entry

Pasties, Caravans, Buzzards and Charitable Donations: A Week of Unfortunate U-Turns

This year the word ‘budget’ struck fear into the hearts of members of the Conservative Party because of the increases they believe are necessary but foresaw the rest of the country resenting. For Conservatives, this week has been one of persistent confusion, ever since the 2012 budget people here have been discussing pasties and static caravans extensively (being from the West Country where tourism is a lifeline) and Mr Osborne’s announcements last week were gratefully received, but should we be concerned about the amount of U-turns the Conservative Party are having to make?

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Osborne should reverse inheritance tax cut not the capping of tax relief on charitable donations

In last year’s budget, George Osborne offered a cut in inheritance tax if people donated to charitable causes, a move aimed at stimulating the floundering idea of the Big Society; the move meant if you qualify to pay inheritance tax but you give 10% of your estate to charity, the rate of that tax is reduced from 40% to 36%.

Fast-forward a year to Osborne’s 2012 budget, in which it was announced that tax relief on charitable donations will be capped at 25% of one’s income or £50,000, whichever is higher.  How are the two policies consistent? One encourages charitable donations with the promise of a reduced inheritance tax bill whilst the other is specifically aimed at warning individuals that such donations should not allow them to avoid paying tax. In keeping with most of the government’s fiscal measures, it’s a mess. Read the rest of this entry

Same-Sex Civil Marriage: Who Should Decide?

Last year the coalition government caused much controversy when it announced it would legislate for same-sex civil marriages by 2015. At the time this was assumed to be a policy introduced by the Liberal Democrats but the Conservatives were perfectly clear in their backing when Mr Cameron, at last year’s Party Conference, announced that he was not backing this in spite of being a Conservative, he was backing it because he was a Conservative. Many have been quick to point out that progressive and conservative are contradictory terms but the capitalisation of the party C is more than merely capitalising a proper noun, it emphasises the socially liberal side of this party and the willingness to update and interact with a changing society. Nothing demonstrates this more than the same-sex marriage debate. Click here to keep reading

21st Century Government: Finally What We Expect?

Whether we’re referring to ancient technophobes or the ‘youth of today’ who cannot function without their FaceBook and Twitter being directed straight to their BlackBerry, the majority of society has been realising that the government desperately needs to play catch-up. As a confessed technology addict (with less knowledge than enthusiasm) I am utterly delighted that the Coalition Government is finally giving technology the time of day it deserves.

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