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As David Miliband departs, it’s time for Ed to show us his alternative is different

Ed Miliband ran for the Labour leadership because he believed he could offer an alternative; an alternative not just to the coalition government but, more crucially at that time, an alternative vision for Britain to that which his brother David was offering. Two and a half years on, with David Miliband departing British politics to go and head up the charity International Rescue Committee, it’s worth considering whether Ed’s alternative is really proving to be radically different.

On the face of it, it seems a slightly stupid question; since the starting gun to the leadership election in 2010, the media have delighted in contrasting ‘Red Ed’ with his more centrist brother David, desperately seeking to extend the dividing lines of the Blair-Brown era. If we are to believe the political commentariat, Ed and David are the proverbial chalk and cheese of the modern Labour party. Their visions for Britain are supposedly almost irreconcilably different.  Read the rest of this entry


Disbanding the Scottish Conservatives?

When Annabel Goldie announced her resignation as Scottish Conservative Leader after the disappointing results from the May elections we never foresaw what could follow. Conservatives and Scotland have never really gelled and it has always been a weak point in the Tory strategy but Murdo Fraser’s new plans are causing controversy none were expecting. As a Scottish Conservative MSP no-one really thought he would want to disband the Scottish Conservatives but that is what he has announced he will do if he gains the leadership.

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