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Coalition is likely to split before the next general election – According to senior Tory MP

The Liberal Democrats and Conservative coalition government has had many difficulties to overcome since the 2010 General Election. The cracks are starting to show and a number of people, both in and outside of Westminster, have predicted that it will break down before the 2015 General Election.

Graham Brady, senior Tory MP and Chairman of the Conservative Backbench 1922 Committee has become the latest person to doubt the life expectancy of the coalition. Read the rest of this entry


In Praise of David Cameron. Almost.

I am seriously in danger of agreeing with some of what David Cameron is doing. Notwithstanding the fact that he presides over a party that espouses an impossible and unrealistic moral code that they themselves can’t adhere to, he has actually done some good things in the past few months.

The first noticeable improvement in policy was the acceptance that Israel is the main obstacle to a two state solution in the middle east.  Then he came out in support of gay marriage, despite puerile whining from the rest of the Conservative Party. Then he even backs the Forfeiture committee’s investigation into making Sir Fred Goodwin back into Mr. Fred Goodwin.

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Chris Huhne – A Risk Assessment

Chris Huhne has been called many things recently, some supportive and some not so supportive, but what do we really know about this controversial figure? The Rt. Hon Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne has a position of authority which many are saying he is undeserving of. Originally active for the Labour Party, then challenging for Liberal Democrat leadership and now in a coalition with the Conservatives; his reputation could tarnish that of many others, so it is not suprising commentators across the spectrum are questioning his place in the Coalition Cabinet.

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