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21st Century Government: Finally What We Expect?

Whether we’re referring to ancient technophobes or the ‘youth of today’ who cannot function without their FaceBook and Twitter being directed straight to their BlackBerry, the majority of society has been realising that the government desperately needs to play catch-up. As a confessed technology addict (with less knowledge than enthusiasm) I am utterly delighted that the Coalition Government is finally giving technology the time of day it deserves.

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Deal or no deal? Answer the question Ed

‘If you can’t decide, you can’t lead’. That was the scathing assessment David Cameron handed out to Ed Miliband in the Commons on Monday over Ed’s apparent reluctance to inform the country what he would have done if he had been in Cameron’s seat in Brussels last Thursday. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion, I would have to agree with our Prime Minister. Read the rest of this entry

The Leveson inquiry and why we should not abandon investigative journalism

The inquiry into the conduct around the actions of the News of The World has started in earnest. After the revelations of just exactly what News International has done this, for many people, could not have come soon enough. Yet, care must be taken as we venture down the path of this Judge lead inquiry.

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Yemen: The Forgotten Revolution

Before you read this, ask yourself how much do you know about Yemen? When was the last time you saw it in the news? I ask because it is currently in state of revolution, as another offshoot of the Arab Spring that started in Tunisia. However while Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and, now, Syria, have had the world’s media devote hours of coverage and thousands of column inches to the struggles occurring there, Yemen appears to have been forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

Will the mainstream media give us our voice back?

The Occupy Wall Street movement rolls on. Now into its fourth week, it is slowly dawning on the US mainstream media that there is a genuine, sustained desire from these protestors to have their voices heard. This is a bit of the problem for the conservative media since the protestors wish for a change in the culture of greed that is so ubiquitous in Wall Street doesn’t quite tally up with their defence of the status quo. The answer to such a quandary? An all-out attack on the methods and aims of the protestors, casting them as anti-American, anti-Capitalist and anti-freedom, and some analysts at Fox were even kind enough to inform us of the striking parallels between these protests and those that occurred around the time of the Russian revolution and Hitler’s rise to power in the 30’s. Read the rest of this entry

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