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The Leveson inquiry and why we should not abandon investigative journalism

The inquiry into the conduct around the actions of the News of The World has started in earnest. After the revelations of just exactly what News International has done this, for many people, could not have come soon enough. Yet, care must be taken as we venture down the path of this Judge lead inquiry.

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Opposition and scandal

As the phone-hacking scandal brings increasing torment for Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, and David Cameron; the Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has been thriving.

In truth, Mr. Miliband has been on the rise for a number of weeks.  His personal low point since winning the leadership of his party last Autumn, had been early last month, as supposed revelations of party dissatisfaction, his brother’s ambitions for the leadership, and his poor performance at Prime Minister’s Questions had all begun to weigh heavily on his shoulders. Click here to keep reading

Quietly Does It

Almost everyone has had their say on the phone hacking scandal including celebrities such as Hugh Grant and our Prime Minister, David Cameron. But what do the Liberal Democrats have to say about it? Click here to keep reading

The summer recess can’t come soon enough for Mr Cameron

It’s not often in life, let alone politics, that you get everything you desire. Yet over the past 2 weeks Ed Miliband’s every wish has been both the government and News International’s command. His demands for a full judge-led inquiry along with his call for News International to drop their bid for BSkyB were both caved into fairly quickly and now today, nearly two weeks after Miliband voiced his opinion that she should go, Rebekah Brooks has finally handed in her resignation to News International. Click here to keep reading

The Labour party and Murdoch – the end of a loveless marriage?

We didn’t need you then and we don’t need you now. That would appear to be the somewhat revised view the Labour Party hold of the Murdoch empire as senior Labour figures such as Alastair Campbell and Lord Prescott have sought to down-play in recent days the role that News International played in helping secure New Labour three successive election victories between 1997 and 2010. Click here to keep reading

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