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A balanced budget? Not in election year

“We don’t begrudge success in America,” Mr. Obama said. But, he added, “We do expect everybody to do their fair share, so that everybody has opportunity, not just some.”

Hardly controversial stuff; or so you’d think. On Monday President Obama announced his budget for the 2013 fiscal year and along with it large swathes of his manifesto for re-election. In a campaign that is likely to be defined by economic issues, this budget was always destined to be political in nature. Yet, opponents have still found it within them to express commendable faux-outrage.

The words of leading anti-tax campaigner Grover Norquist were indicative of the criticisms Obama faced. He claimed “this is not an economic document, it’s not a policy document, it’s a political document”.  Of course, it goes without saying that a budget is, at least in the most literal sense, an economic document. Yet the measures announced by Obama are in some parts so lacking in excitement and originality that they will do little to change the economic course already set, and in others so flagrantly partisan that they have no chance of being passed. So in truth, the budget will have a minimal economic impact at best. Read the rest of this entry

Mitt Romney: who the American Right really stand for, not who they’d have the people believe

While British politics is currently preoccupied with the debate over Scottish independence, across the Atlantic they have bigger fish to, ahem, fry. With the Presidential election to come in November, America’s Republican Party are currently soldiering through the process of nominating a candidate to rival President Barack Obama.

We may only be a few weeks into a contest that will go on until August, but I think it’s pretty safe for me to now call the race for Mitt Romney. I don’t have a reputation on which to stake such things, but let’s just say ‘I swear on my mum’s life’ and leave it at that.

Having narrowly edged out google search phenomenon and sweater-vest rocking Evangelical Rick Santorum in Iowa, Romney cruised to victory in New Hampshire with close to 40% of the vote. The next primary moves the six candidates to South Carolina, where Romney’s rivals have already begun to take the desperate pot-shots characteristic of an ailing campaign. Read the rest of this entry

Cantona’s bid in the French presidential election was a publicity stunt; but how successful would he have been if he was serious?

This morning Eric Cantona admitted that he wasn’t running for presidency and his announcement was purely a publicity stunt to highlight important issues. But, what if he had run, how far would he have got?

Former Manchester United and French national team captain Eric Cantona declared yesterday that he intended to run in the upcoming French presidential election.  However this morning after much excitement it was revealed that it was a publicity stunt to highlight the housing crisis in France. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY

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