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Why healthcare could prove to be Obama’s insurance policy

Not that I mean to boast or anything, but this particular writer is fortunate (or brilliant, whichever you prefer) enough to have been accepted onto a study abroad scheme to spend the next academic year in New York.

Inflated ego aside, this has allowed me the pleasure of spending my morning off browsing health insurance options from US providers. What is immediately striking is just how complicated it all seems, and how bizarre it is for a UK citizen so fond of the NHS to have to think about such matters.

Health insurance is currently top of my agenda, and it seems Barack Obama is intent on moving it up the agenda of the US electorate as well.

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: why the tangled web of Mitt’s mendacity has complicated his path to the Presidency

Barack Obama certainly looks to have a tough job on his hands getting re-elected. Quite apart from seeking to transform America into that living hell we all know to be European social democracy, the President has shrunk the US military and, perhaps most importantly, doubled America’s budget deficit from the $1.3 trillion figure he inherited in 2009.

At least that’s what Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney would have you believe. An underwhelming Super Tuesday all but confirmed Romney as the party’s nominee, though a pair of third place finishes behind Newt Gingrich and winner Rick Santorum in the South on Tuesday night complicate things somewhat . Yet this further elevation to his political status has seemingly done little to assuage Romney’s propensity for what can only be termed lies. Read the rest of this entry

Ron Paul – The most dangerous man in America?

As the Republican primary season enters into its crucial stages, it is easy to forget the role of its more improbable candidates. The two-horse race that has emerged between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich has, in many ways, eclipsed the memory of Rick Santorum’s shock win in Iowa, as well as the sure and steady campaign of Texan Congressman Ron Paul. Paul’s role for much of the early stages of the race was, like his campaign in 2008, to keep the other candidates honest, dismissed as he was for his eccentric, libertarian standpoint. But with the progression of the primary, Paul’s support base has grown. Mainly made up of a young, increasingly revolutionary element within the Republican Party – a community of college-educated bloggers and social media users – they are determined that their voice will be heard, in this instance through the election of the 76-year old former obstetrician.

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Homeopathy segues into Michele Bachmann and the Conservative Party

Is it possible there has been a benefit attained from the Government increasing tuition fees? Was this Nick Clegg’s secret intention all along? Alas, if only there were such a reason, it would explain why Clegg ignored the majority of left-leaning Lib Dems, betrayed the students and condemned his party to political exile.

The increase in tuition fees was a ridiculous and unnecessary move. Public spending on higher education in 2011 was £14.09 bn out of a total spend of £691.67 bn. Hardly the most pressing cut when we spent £39.46 bn on a military that only the USA uses. The only threat to our borders will be if Sarkozy tries to get another popularity boost in time for the Presidential election and invades Portsmouth. Yet something positive has come out of the cuts to higher education. It will mean that, providing they follow trends in other subjects, there will be many fewer people who decide to take up “Alternative medicine”. This includes, but is not limited to, Homeopathy, Natropathy and Acupuncture. That these degrees exist at all is troublesome, but they are being taught at several vaguely prestigious institutions, such as Westminster. Apparently it is possible to get a Masters in some of them. Read the rest of this entry

Republican Presidential Race: The Candidates

With not long until the Iowa Caucus officially kick-starts the GOP Presidential race and the likelihood of Mitt Romney’s eventual triumph about as inevitable as the last two times I commented on the issue, it would perhaps be prudent to take a different approach and provide a short description of each of the candidates in the Republican field. Read the rest of this entry

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