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Yemen: The Forgotten Revolution

Before you read this, ask yourself how much do you know about Yemen? When was the last time you saw it in the news? I ask because it is currently in state of revolution, as another offshoot of the Arab Spring that started in Tunisia. However while Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and, now, Syria, have had the world’s media devote hours of coverage and thousands of column inches to the struggles occurring there, Yemen appears to have been forgotten. Read the rest of this entry


Saudi Women Get the Vote but the UK Should Keep Praise to a Minimum

The United Kingdom takes pride in its commitment to global gender equality making it fair to concede that it has done a respectable job of being at the forefront of many gender development decisions.  Most recently, it made clear its dedication to the new UN Women which I have previously discussed in a separate article.  Therefore, when King Abdullah announced that women in Saudi Arabia have been given the right to vote and to run in future municipal elections, it was inevitably welcomed by the UK.  

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