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Deal or no deal? Answer the question Ed

‘If you can’t decide, you can’t lead’. That was the scathing assessment David Cameron handed out to Ed Miliband in the Commons on Monday over Ed’s apparent reluctance to inform the country what he would have done if he had been in Cameron’s seat in Brussels last Thursday. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion, I would have to agree with our Prime Minister. Read the rest of this entry


How well did the party leaders handle the EU debate?

The great EU debate is over. For all the Europhiles out there, we can rest a little easier over the coming days, knowing Britain’s future in Europe is safe for a few more years at least. For the Eurosceptics, they’ll smoulder away in the corner for a while before contemplating their next plan of action to rid us of the terrible evil that is EU regulation. Funnily enough, that plan of action may well turn out to be a rerun of the last one, as already a new e-petition has been established demanding another debate on a referendum; fingers crossed and this could become a bit of an annual tradition. Read the rest of this entry

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